Numus Financial is a Halifax, Nova Scotia based venture capital firm focused on early-stage, high-growth companies.

With more than 20 years' experience in the capital markets, Numus looks for early-stage companies with growth potential. Our goal is to identify exceptional companies and through our partnership, ensure they have the tools for success. The Numus team actively supports its portfolio companies with financing, strategic advice and operational support.
Our Investment Approach

Our investment approach

First, we invest in people. We invest in emerging companies led by committed management teams with drive and vision. We seek goal-oriented partners that have a track record of getting things done. For Numus, partnering with skilled and dedicated teams with the capability of overcoming business challenges is at the core of our investment philosophy.
Where We Invest

Where we invest

We are sector agnostics. We are active in technology and biotechnology and have invested in the entertainment industry, energy and natural resources. Our geographic focus is North America, with particular interest in Canadian companies. We conduct extensive due diligence on opportunities and we are highly selective, with 2-3 new investments per year. We understand that creating real value requires patient capital.
How We Work With Our Partner Companies

How we work with our partner companies

As key advisors and investors with partner companies, we actively support our investments and provide value-added services with financial, accounting, communication, regulatory and securities compliance support. Our partners run their businesses and we provide mentorship and advice to complement management's skill set.
Creating Value

Creating value

Numus realizes success through our investment selection process and active support of partner companies. We work with management teams to set objectives, achieve growth and reach milestones. We support our partners so they are well equipped with the necessary human and financial resources to grow and create significant shareholder value. We often stage our investments based on the achievement of milestones, and we remain active with our partners throughout the value creation process.


Numus is the Latin word for a coin used in Roman times. A coin begins as a mineral, is shaped and molded, and in turn value is created. Much like its namesake, Numus Financial is focused on value creation. We work closely with our partners as they create value and reach their full potential.
numus financial coin


If you are interested in receiving information about any upcoming investment opportunities with Numus Financial, please leave your contact information in the space provided.  If you are seeking investment in a business opportunity and would like the Numus Financial Team to consider your proposal, please upload your business plan.  We will be in touch.

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